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The “Dolch”.  Dolce was one the smaller pups in the litter, and, from day one, she was determined to be next to me or on me.  When we took the puppies to the vet for their first set of shots, somehow, she ended up on my lap.  From then on, she has been our 100 pound lap dog.

When she was 6 months, she needed shoulder surgery.  While recovering, Dolce would sit on the sidelines with my husband and me, watching Tiamo and Amore play.  This turned her into a big cuddle bug.  Boy, does she love her hugs!

Of the three, Dolce is the most passive, except when it comes to loading up into the car.  she could be 20 yards behind the other two, but it’s a sure bet she’ll be in the car and on my lap before either Tiamo or Amore can even think about jumping up into the car.  It’s a sight for other drivers when they pass us.

Today, Dolce is one of the sweetest dogs.  She still sits right next to me.  She still comes up on the bed for a night-time cuddle session.  She still wants the front seat of the car (passenger beware).  And, she still continues to sit on my lap no matter where we are.

Dolce has lived up to her name!



Woof! Woof! Lets Bark!!

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