Who’s who….?

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People often ask us how we tell the “girls” apart. Sometimes even we get confused.

Of course, this usually resulted in Dolce being accused of something Amore did or Tiamo getting away with a no-no. When they were puppies, we never knew which one had committed the crime. Today we know they are all in cahoots together.

Tiamo, the mother, had a deep-barreled chest and a more queenly stature. She had a prance in her walk, like a model walking down the catwalk. She will always be our “girl.”

Amore has a bit more spice in her personality. Always on the go, always has to run. She is the one who gulps her food down the fastest and the one who has seen the vet’s office the most.

Dolce is our sweetheart. With a thin white stripe on her forehead and almost no white on her tail, Dolce likes to hang with the old folks but is always first out the door and in the car.

… So, if you don’t know which dog is with you, just love the one you’re with.