‘If it Falls on the Floor, It’s Mine’ Cookbook Review


Reviews from a fellow blogger!
Thank you kind Marcie!

7 thoughts on “‘If it Falls on the Floor, It’s Mine’ Cookbook Review

    • Go to amazon and type in the title – If it falls on the floor, it’s mine! you’ll be able to flip through a few pages. I was going to ask you to recommend a beer for some of the recipes and then feature your blog in one of my next few postings – if I send you some recipes would you mind contributing….? I’ll need your actual email to avoid the comment section of blogs – mine is ifitfallsonthefloor@gmail.com


    • Hi Marcie, Since our weather is really starting to turn chilly, I suggest either the Minstrone soup or the wild rice/sausage soup (add the cream as the very end and heat up). Both are super good. I know the kids would love the pumpkin spice bread (also good for a quick breakfast meal) or the pumpkin pancakes (fun for the fall). For dessert: for the longest time, I was the designated birthday cake baker for everyone at work…. The red velvet cake and the carrot cake are two of the top favorites. I have to admit, everyone loves the carrot cake. All the salads are great. I don’t know what your children might like…. I like the hot spinach salad and the faux caesar salad is a classic and easy! Malcolm, my husband doesn’t like croutons, so you don’t need to always make the bagel crisps (croutons) Pizza is good, and fun for the kids to assist – not sure if they like gorgonzola though…

      Of course, living in Santa Fe, I’m always adding chile and hot sauce. You can tone that down for the kids if you don’t want it as spicy.


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