Beer Or Wine – The Perfect Chili Pairing

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A recent post from The Wandering Gourmand……

The Wandering Gourmand

As a foodie and an admirer of both craft beer and fine wines, I often wonder what the perfect food pairing is.  What follows is a monthly debate on just that.  Once a month I’ll toss out a food for pairing suggestions from my fellow beer geeks and wine nerds.  Some dishes will come with a convention that popular opinion dictates a specific pairing.  Other posts will present a dish that is a toss-up between beer or wine.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions in this conversation.  Be creative, challenge norms, have fun, and check back often to read what others have to say.   

This month’s pairing challenge comes from Megs at If It Falls on the Floor and is specific to a recipe from her new cookbook.  I warn you.  This isn’t your typical, serve as a side item with a salad at lunch chili.  No, this…

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