Winner Winner Fish Fry Dinner

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And the winner is…….?

The Wandering Gourmand

A HUGE thanks to all of the participants – both contestants and voters – in this inaugural Beer Versus Wine Food Pairing Challenge.  7 thoughtful pairing suggestions definitely exceeded my expectations.  Please help spread the word for March’s challenge so we can grow this forum uniting food, beer, and wine bloggers.  Speaking of next month… want to know who won the privilege of hosting?

Amongst the many creative and enticing submissions ranging from a proud homebrew to a Brit’s expert suggestion of Champagne to a couple of variations of IPAs, a winner had to emerge.  The Battered Fish honor goes to none other than The Wandering Sheppard!  Congrats!   Look for his pairing challenge here at The Wandering Gourmand the week of March 24!

Now that we have made you both hungry and thirsty, here’s a beer battered fish recipe to try at home straight from the not-so-world famous…

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