Beer Versus Wine – The Perfect Shrimp and Grits Pairing

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Shrimp & Grits – should Malc and I pair it with a crisp white or a pale ale? We’ll be testing out our wines and hops this weekend!

The Wandering Gourmand

Congratulations to last months Beer Versus Wine Challenge winner -The Wandering Sheppard!  Part of the honor includes coming up with the next month’s challenge.  Below is The Wandering Sheppard’s post and challenge food.  Like last month, participants have until next Tuesday, April 1 (no joke) to turn in their suggestion before we take it to a vote.  For more on the rules, click here.

I’m a married man. So as I signed my devotion to my wife on our marriage license, I also signed all decision making abilities. While winning last month’s Beer Versus Wine Food Pairing was a great honor, it also came with having to decide the next food to pair.

To assist me, I opened the food suggestion on my blog, The Wandering Sheppard. While the suggestions did not pile high, I did receive some great suggestion. Thanks to Kathleen for her suggestion on the…

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