Winner Winner Shrimp and Grits Dinner + Recipe

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To all the entries, goes the spoils – we now have a great grit n’ shrimp recipe to enjoy!
I hope you all join the beer vs. wine and now cider pairing contest next month. The pressure is on – the last two challenges were so inspiring. I promise it won’t be toooooo spicy!

The Wandering Gourmand

Grits. They’re not just for breakfast anymore. They’re actually a staple on the Southern dinner table as well. Many BBQ restaurants serve sides of cheddar grits. I have eaten grilled salmon served over maple grits at a five star seafood restaurant. But the most famous dinner with grits is shrimp and grits. It’s one of my favorite dishes, and I was very excited when The Wandering Sheppard chose it for this month’s pairing challenge.

Grits - A Staple in Any Respectable Southern Household Grits – A Staple in Any Respectable Southern Household

We had five solid entries. What shocked me most was that only one suggestion was a beer – Stone’s Go To IPA from Bryan at This is Why I’m Drunk. Three pairings were varieties of white wines and one was (and I still can’t believe I allowed this one in the competition as it was clearly outside the rules of beer or wine) a cider…

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