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I’m sending out an S.O.S. to all of you.

I need your help!  Help me choose the best photo from the final round of photo edits.  How do you choose the absolute best Kodak moment? How do you pick just one photo out of literally hundreds of images when they all have special meaning?  Especially when each impression, each picture is so expressive.   Here’s where you get to help.

After sorting through over 800 plus photos of the girls, I was able to narrow down the first round of cuts to over 60 pictures.  The second round of edits was much harder.  I scrutinized the pics over and over.  I agonized over similar images, clicking back and forth and back and forth before finally making the selection.  I would click for a larger view, toggle back to the other photo, resort the order, review the pictures again, place the images side by side and then chanted, “enny, meanny, minny moe”.  The final click deleted the next 45 or so of puppy pics.

Leaving the last round of selecting the best photo to you.

The past five months between work, travel and life, I started writing another book.  I know, I know, am I crazy or what?  But crazy or not, I’m at the “designing the cover” stage and need your assistance.  Scroll down and view the final round of possible cover pictures.  Imagine each photo on the cover of a dog tale story and place your vote!  Leave a comment, offer your reasons, or suggest something different.  Let me know your thoughts.

To help you, here is a brief description of my soon-to-be published book.

Meet Tiamo, Amore and Dolce; three, 100 pound, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs, whose adorable, funny antics will bring chuckles and smiles and sometimes a few tears as you read their tales.  True stories, hilarious escapades, and entertaining dog adventures, all chronicling their heartwarming, and many times, humorous capers…. along with their playful frolics that often land our fearless canines in the dog house. Touching and tender, amusing and comical, these moving narratives and snippets of their lives impart bow-wow wisdom and show the loyalty and love between man’s best friend and their care-tenders.

Photo 1 - Amore and Dolce

Photo 1 – Amore and Dolce

Photo 2 - Amore

Photo 2 – Amore

Photo 3 - Amore

Photo 3 – Amore

Photo 4 - Amore

Photo 4 – Amore

Photo 5 - the three musketeers

Photo 5 – the three musketeers

Photo 6 - Amore and Dolce

Photo 6 – Amore and Dolce

Photo 7 - Amore and Dolce

Photo 7 – Amore and Dolce

Photo 8 - Dolce

Photo 8 – Dolce

Photo 9 - Amore

Photo 9 – Amore

Photo 10 - Amore and Dolce

Photo 10 – Amore and Dolce

Photo 11 - Amore

Photo 11 – Amore

Photo 12 - Amore

Photo 12 – Amore

Photo 13 - Amore

Photo 13 – Amore

Please vote for your favorite photo

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Winner Winner Chicken Enchilada Dinner + Recipe

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Congrats go to Wander and Wine!

The Wandering Gourmand

So far in the Monthly Beer Versus Wine Challenge, we have covered everything from decadent Blue Cheese Stuffed Filet Mignons to regional Shrimp and Grits to greasy Chicken Wings.  Yet, none of the posts gathered as many comments on Twitter and Facebook about the food alone as Chicken Enchiladas.

Perhaps it’s because the dish is just so sinful, loaded with cheese and smothered in a spicy red sauce.  Perhaps it’s because the richness of the food delivers a level of comfort, a put on your stretchy pants and watch a movie after kind of comfort.  Or perhaps, for many of us, it represents that first cross-over into international cuisine.  No matter how Americanized the dish is, enchiladas force us to reach back into our food memory to that first visit to a Mexican restaurant.  As a child, visiting a Mexican restaurant was just so exotic. If we were…

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Enchiladas Pairing Challenge – The Vote


Time to vote! Do you order a crisp white for your enchiladas, a deep red to compliment the sassy spices or a well known Mexican beer to add to the favors? What’s it gonna be folks?

The Wandering Gourmand

I don’t think Bryan from This is Why I am Drunk realized what a reaction he would get from two ladies when he picked enchiladas for June’s Beer Versus Wine Challenge.  The first is Megs from If It Falls on the Floor.  Anyone who has checked out her blog knows how New Mexico proud she is.  In fact, in her novel suggestion below she is outright giddy.  The second lady is Mrs. G.  She is as proud of her Texas background as Megs is about her New Mexican.

But can you blame them?  Who doesn’t love a gooey, cheesy enchilada drenched in a spicy red sauce?  In fact, I am getting hungry just thinking about one.  Topped with sour cream and fresh cilantro.  Ok, my mouth is watering now.  Why oh why are we on a diet when the best Mexican in Charlotte is two blocks away???  And…

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Beer Versus Wine – The Perfect Enchilada Pairing

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It’s June, it’s hot, and it’s time for some Negra Modelo!
Grab your besties and head on out to your favorite Mexican restaurant, sit outside in their shaded patio, start off with an order of pico de gallo and some chips, a round of Negra Modelo for all at the table, and order your enchilada fav.

The Wandering Gourmand

Congratulations to last month’s Beer Versus Wine Challenge winner –Bryan from This is Why I’m Drunk!  Part of the honor includes coming up with the next month’s challenge.  Below is Bryan’s post and challenge food.  Participants have until next Tuesday, June 10 to turn in their suggestion before we take it to a vote.  Winner gets to present July’s challenge.  For more on the rules, click here.

For the longest time as a child, my only exposure to foods originating from south of the American border came in paper wrappers and was usually delivered within minutes of ordering on a plastic tray. For all I knew, Taco Bell offered me everything I needed to understand.

But eventually, I found Puerto Rican rice and beans. And Peruvian ceviche. And my favorite: homemade, Mexican enchiladas.

Enchiladas with Red Sauce Enchiladas with Red Sauce (Photos Courtesy of

In essence, the enchiladas I enjoy are…

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