Beer Versus Wine – The Perfect Enchilada Pairing

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It’s June, it’s hot, and it’s time for some Negra Modelo!
Grab your besties and head on out to your favorite Mexican restaurant, sit outside in their shaded patio, start off with an order of pico de gallo and some chips, a round of Negra Modelo for all at the table, and order your enchilada fav.

The Wandering Gourmand

Congratulations to last month’s Beer Versus Wine Challenge winner –Bryan from This is Why I’m Drunk!  Part of the honor includes coming up with the next month’s challenge.  Below is Bryan’s post and challenge food.  Participants have until next Tuesday, June 10 to turn in their suggestion before we take it to a vote.  Winner gets to present July’s challenge.  For more on the rules, click here.

For the longest time as a child, my only exposure to foods originating from south of the American border came in paper wrappers and was usually delivered within minutes of ordering on a plastic tray. For all I knew, Taco Bell offered me everything I needed to understand.

But eventually, I found Puerto Rican rice and beans. And Peruvian ceviche. And my favorite: homemade, Mexican enchiladas.

Enchiladas with Red Sauce Enchiladas with Red Sauce (Photos Courtesy of

In essence, the enchiladas I enjoy are…

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