Enchiladas Pairing Challenge – The Vote


Time to vote! Do you order a crisp white for your enchiladas, a deep red to compliment the sassy spices or a well known Mexican beer to add to the favors? What’s it gonna be folks?

The Wandering Gourmand

I don’t think Bryan from This is Why I am Drunk realized what a reaction he would get from two ladies when he picked enchiladas for June’s Beer Versus Wine Challenge.  The first is Megs from If It Falls on the Floor.  Anyone who has checked out her blog knows how New Mexico proud she is.  In fact, in her novel suggestion below she is outright giddy.  The second lady is Mrs. G.  She is as proud of her Texas background as Megs is about her New Mexican.

But can you blame them?  Who doesn’t love a gooey, cheesy enchilada drenched in a spicy red sauce?  In fact, I am getting hungry just thinking about one.  Topped with sour cream and fresh cilantro.  Ok, my mouth is watering now.  Why oh why are we on a diet when the best Mexican in Charlotte is two blocks away???  And…

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