Winner Winner Chicken Enchilada Dinner + Recipe

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Congrats go to Wander and Wine!

The Wandering Gourmand

So far in the Monthly Beer Versus Wine Challenge, we have covered everything from decadent Blue Cheese Stuffed Filet Mignons to regional Shrimp and Grits to greasy Chicken Wings.  Yet, none of the posts gathered as many comments on Twitter and Facebook about the food alone as Chicken Enchiladas.

Perhaps it’s because the dish is just so sinful, loaded with cheese and smothered in a spicy red sauce.  Perhaps it’s because the richness of the food delivers a level of comfort, a put on your stretchy pants and watch a movie after kind of comfort.  Or perhaps, for many of us, it represents that first cross-over into international cuisine.  No matter how Americanized the dish is, enchiladas force us to reach back into our food memory to that first visit to a Mexican restaurant.  As a child, visiting a Mexican restaurant was just so exotic. If we were…

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