Winner Winner Pesto Pasta Dinner + Recipe

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And the winner goes to KC Hop Talk – yep, it’s a beer and pesto pasta night for ya’ll to try out.

The Wandering Gourmand

The Gourmand household has been hashtag trending on eating seasonal.  Sure that’s easy to say in the middle of the summer when the tomatoes are plump, the peppers are ripe, and the peaches are juicy.  But with the recent addition of the Weeknight Fresh and Fast cookbook (you gotta buy this) to our library, we plan to keep the trend going year round.  You’d be surprised what the Farmers Market offers beyond the summer plenty.

Thus, I was pumped for the Perfect Pesto Pasta Pairing Challenge (Say that five times fast) as presented by Wander and Wine.  Pesto is one of our favorite meals to prepare in the summer.  It’s versatile and easy to cook which it makes a great weeknight dinner or a quick dish to throw together for a picnic.  However, I was curious about what to pair though as the strong herbs and garlic can ruin…

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