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There are times when something happens that just can’t help but send a smile to your world.  When you see something that dispenses a little amusement to your day.  When that same something, for a short amount of time, brings a chuckle, a LOL, or sometimes a LMAO thought.  Throughout the day, you grab that smile, that chortle, that bit of laughter as a happy diversion for just a few seconds.

My bit of “something” came about early in the morning as I was driving into work.  I was weaving my way through the back roads trying my best to by-pass those damn law-abiding citizens that drive the speed limit.  While I was able to maneuver around most of them, there was one pesky Subaru in front of me hovering just under the posted limit.  Pendejo! I swore under my breath.  It’s not like there are many cops on the road at seven in the morning.  There were enough curves and mole hills on the road that prevented my passing. Enough residential cross-streets that kept me in line behind the slow-poke. All my Prius wanted was to get around him.  Leave him in my dust.  Yeah, baby, eat my exhaust you old beat up Forester!

The lone driver came up to a three-way stop.  I watched him leisurely look both ways as I sat behind strumming my fingers on the steering wheel in irritation.  Could he not decipher there wasn’t any on-coming cars? We live out in the country, it’s not like this is LA traffic.  There is no traffic.  Com’ on turn right, turn right, turn right, I chanted.  My destination was taking me left.  Son-of-a beach, if that bastard didn’t turn left.  Ugh!  I didn’t even bother to look for any cars as I followed right behind.  He couldn’t have taken the turn any slower.

I swore, I cussed, I invented new words and gave them attitude.  This idiot in front of me was driving me crazy (pun intended).  I was starting another rant and rave, when a furry head popped up in the Subaru’s back seat.  I tracked the canine go from the left side of the back passenger seat to the right and back again, it’s tail wagging happily.  I was close enough behind to see the furry ears at high mast, and no, I wasn’t tail-gating.  Not really.  The guy was going slower and slower, making me do the same. The large dog in the back was getting more and more excited.  I could tell it was a Retriever.  It ping-ponged back and forth in the back seat.

Ah ha!  It dawned on me the driver in front of me was taking his beloved pet to the dog park that was a quarter-mile up the road.  My second rant came to a screeching halt as his left blinker came on (for the first time, mind you).

That Golden Retriever, so excited to go play, pacing to n’ fro in the back seat, had figured out his owner’s intent.  My eyes followed the Retriever’s movement.  In my mind, I could hear the joyful barks coming from the car.  I could feel it’s happy energy as the canine shared it’s delight at going to the park. I laughed to myself at the antics of the dog.  My indignation at having to obey the speed limit melted into giggles.  I silently forgave the Subaru.

This was my “something”.  My smile for the day.  My chuckle.  My LOL.  It’s no secret, I’m all about our dogs, Amore and Dolce.  Y’all have figured out I love to write about the lives and antics of the girls and the joy they have brought into Malcolm and my lives.  But that morning, watching that Retriever ping-pong back and forth in anticipation, gave me a joy that lasted all day.

Sometimes, it’s not about our dogs at all.

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