hellwoooo 2016

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Happy New Year Everyone! 

May your 2016 be filled with 1.5 cadrillion dog licks and kisses.

Yup, it’s the end of the year where we count our blessings and hope for a great new year.  In just 48 hours, 2016 will be here, ringing in a whole new set of hopes and maybes and breakable resolutions.  Malc and I are glad this past year is behind us.  It was a hard one for us.

At best, 2015 was an interesting year for Malcolm and I.  We are thankful it went fast and furious, and didn’t slow down.  We made it through 365 days of 2015 hell.

2015’s scorecard reflected one major surgery (I’m all better, thankmutt manuscript cover you), the lost of one very dear friend (this one hurt deep), we endured a jury and trial (don’t worry, we won), we experienced the near-death of Amore (lots of tears), withstood several surgeries for Dolce (horribly expensive – two month vet stay), and my second book, the mutt manuscripts was published (Malcolm was pulling his hair out as he edited the book).  Woven in, out, and between the year’s hardships were Dolce and Amore, who unfailingly gave us more love and comfort than you could ever imagine.  Dolce and Amore helped us through the rough patches of 2015.

Our hearts couldn’t help but smile as Dolce made angels in the snow.  Her enjoyment sliding down the hill as she wiggled to gain speed lifted our spirits.


We giggled over Amore’s silly antics as she stole Malcolm’s place on the sofa and then looked at him with a question in her eyes, “What?  Don’t look at me, you’re the one who got up and left!”


While I was recovering from surgery, the girls instinctively knew to be protective of my leg.  Not once did Amore step on my leg while I was resting in bed (unlike her usual, know no boundaries, step all over you style).  She would come around from the other side of the bed and gently lay by my side for company.

When we were grieving, a soft muzzle would find it’s way on our lap, offering solace.   When we needed a distraction, we found a snake in the house one of the girls brought in.  Nothing like a big scream of fright to divert your thoughts when you walk within 14″ of a snake.  Doesn’t matter it was already dead.  It was a snake.  End of discussion.

Morning coffee came with Dolce curled up with me on the couch as I read my emails on my iPad before I left for work.  And they say dogs don’t cuddle.


Afternoon naps would find Malcolm sandwiched between fur and paws and warm comfort.  Dinner came garnished with a side of dog hair loving shared by our dogs.  What would we do without some dog hair protein?

Dolce and Amore helped us rally throughout the year.  They brought us outdoors for their walks, encouraging us to breathe in the fresh air.

malc dogs 2015

Sunshine, snow, and a brisk breeze will definitely rid one of life’s stresses. They gave us routine, getting us up at 5:00 a.m. every morning for their breakfast and they gave us our groove back.  Stella would be proud.

That was our year.  Dolce and Amore’s tally for the last 365 days goes something like this…..

  • 1 book published about us! Yea! We’re celebrities!
  • 1 snake in the house (this should go on Gordita’s list, we didn’t bring it inside, she did!)
  • 3 new dog pillows (Costco has’em cheap)
  • 3 trips to Duke City to pick up friends at the Sunport (we love company – more petting for us)
  • 4 mud days (rainy days are the best for paw painting the brick floors)
  • 6 canine surgeries (1 stomach twist – 5 ACL repairs)
  • 8 pig ears (Rats, only 8, cuz our Mom and Dad put us on a diet)
  • 10 lizards caught by Amore
  • 12 bones (we don’t get these much any more)
  • 15 photo bombs  (hee hee hee)
  • 16 days with Debbie our doggy sitter (she loves us!)
  • 29 snow angel days (these are the best!)
  • 31 bags of dog food (yummm yummmm yummmmmm)
  • 58 days in a crate (“this totally blew!” Dolce with the ACL surgeries)
  • 365 walks in the park (Yippee!)
  • 365 couch seat steals  (Amore 365 – Malcolm 0)
  • 365 nights of blanket hogging and pillow stealing
  • 365 days (minus days mom was recovering from surgery – we couldn’t jump on her like we use to) of love and cuddles
  • 365 afternoon naps with Malcolm  (stretch and yawn)
  • 365 kitchen drive-bys (times two)
  • 5,432 times ‘tween the human legs (North and South bound)
  • 1 billion dog paw prints (on brick floor, rugs and in our hearts)
  • 1 zillion selfies (but dad had to hold the camera)
  • 1 trillion dog hairs floating around
  • 1.5 cadrillion dog licks and kisses


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Happy Tail Wags

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Santa’s elves

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malc dogs 2015

fat boy is coming!

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Santa’s comin’

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Amore – Santa – Dolce

happy first of Christmas

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red or green

just say Christmas!